How To Choose The Right Outdoor Island Design For Your Backyard

Choosing to transform your backyard with an expertly designed and installed outdoor island is an exciting time. Getting the right outdoor grill island or outdoor island bar for you can be a daunting task, as you work out what style and design will not only best fit into your space, but will also fit your needs.

Outdoor islands aren’t just an area to cook food and operate your grill, they can become the center of dining and home entertainment, featuring adjoining comfortable outdoor settings and all the facilities you need to host guests. Here we look at some of the important details you should consider when you’re ready to choose the ideal outdoor island for your home.

How Will You Use It?

Outdoor kitchen islands are an amazing addition to your outdoor space that can really change the way you entertain. But before you launch into the build phase for your island, you really want to consider exactly how you will end up using it, what design will best suit you, and what features you really can’t live without.

Size and Space

If you have a huge outdoor space, there are no bounds on your creativity when it comes to your future outdoor island. But if you are working with a smaller space, or even an oddly shaped or pitched yard, you might have to put a bit more thought into what size and shape your ideal outdoor entertaining area will take.

For a smaller garden area, choose a bar style island that incorporates the cooking and dining areas in a space compact manner, or if you have space to spread out, you can choose a larger style of outdoor island, incorporating an entire outdoor kitchen, lounge area, and even a fire pit.

Your Personal Taste

When it comes to choosing the style and design for your outdoor grill island, you want it to reflect your personal style and flair. Do you want to host cozy family get togethers, or is your entertaining style more along the lines of ‘the bigger the better’? Let your personality and individual taste shine in your choice of outdoor island as well.

Styles and Colors

Once you’ve established your taste and what you’re looking for, it’s time to settle on an overall style and color scheme. An expert BBQ and grill islands consultant can show you images and samples from a portfolio that help guide you through the process of selecting your very own custom designed and crafted outdoor island, choosing the right styles and colors for your tastes and the style of your home.

Once you know you want an outdoor island, the next key step is deciding what design or style is right for you. If you have taken into consideration the factors listed above as well as weighing up your needs and desires when it comes to building your own outdoor island, you are well on your way to choosing the right outdoor island design for you.