Pre-Fabricated Or Custom Made: Which is the Right Outdoor Grill Island for You?

When you’re planning to build an outdoor kitchen island or an outdoor grill island, there are a number of steps and factors you need to take into consideration. Firstly, you’ll need to consider what kind of outdoor island or grill setting will suit your property, your lifestyle and your needs. Then the style and design of your outdoor island should be considered – whether you want a traditional or contemporary style, and how it will fit into the design of your current home. Then it’s time to find a BBQ grill island contractor to bring your dream outdoor island to life.

In the process of designing and building the right outdoor grill island, one question that will come up is whether you should choose a Pre-Fabricated Or Custom Made. Here we look at both of these options and the potential advantages, and the drawbacks.


Pre-Fabricated or Custom Made

What exactly does it mean to choose a pre-fabricated or custom made outdoor kitchen island? Each choice requires a slightly different building process and produces a slightly different result.

In the case of pre-fabricated outdoor grill islands, homeowners will choose a design, layout and style for a completely pre-designed and often pre-made grill island package. These outdoor islands arrive already constructed, or with the need for minimal set-up, so you just need to plug in your utilities (water, gas, electricity) and you can start using your grill island.

For custom made outdoor grill islands, the development process is longer, but the result is more unique and suited to your personal needs. With a custom made grill island, you will work with a personal grill island consultant to develop a unique plan and design for your outdoor kitchen. Everything from the design, the materials, the layout and the extras is under your control. Your custom build contractor will then build your kitchen island to your specific requirements in your home.

The Power of Choice

While both pre-fabricated and custom made outdoor grill islands provide the chance to create an amazing outdoor entertaining space for your friends and family, only custom made BBQ islands allow you the opportunity to have complete choice, control and discernment over the design and layout of your grill islands.

If you have a large, flat space in your yard to place your grill island, you may find that a pre-fabricated option is an ideal choice for your needs. But if you are working with a more complicated space to build on, or you have a specific design or layout idea in mind, a custom made BBQ grill island will be the best option for you. While prefabricated islands come with a set of designs, styles and colors to choose, you often don’t have the opportunity to change these elements and need to choose only from the options available to you. When it comes to maintaining the ultimate power of choice over the construction of your outdoor grill island, custom made is the best option.

Time Frame Meister-Livermore

If you really need to have your BBQ grill island installed quickly, a pre-fabricated BBQ island can allow you to have a fully set up outdoor island in less time. Pre-fabricated BBQ grill island manufacturers often have their kitchen islands pre-made and ready to ship so you can have your outdoor kitchen set up in less time. However, if your pre-fabricated grill island requires some construction before it can be delivered to you, the process of getting your grill island could take weeks. The timeframe for your custom made grill island will depend on your design, the proposed island’s size, and the building contractors schedule, so it’s best to discuss this with your contractor for an accurate time estimation.

What You Need and What You Don’t

When it comes to pre-fabricated kitchen islands, most include a set of features according to options that are popular with clients, such as bench space, grill specifications, room for a refrigerator and other fittings. For most homeowners, these choices will be enough for regular outdoor entertaining and grill cooking.

However, if your needs are a little outside the norm and you want more bench workspace, more burners, more outlets or sinks, a different position for fittings or special features, you may want to choose a custom design to get exactly what you want and need in your kitchen island, while leaving behind what you don’t. If you’re looking to entertain larger crowds or install different outdoor cooking options such as an outdoor pizza oven, consult with a custom made BBQ island company to develop the ideal solution to match your ideal of ultimate outdoor entertaining.


When it comes to the cost of designing, building and installing your Pre-fabricated or Custom Made outdoor kitchen island, there’s no one right answer about which gives better value for money or which costs less in general. When it comes to how much your outdoor grill island will cost, it depends much more on factors that are specific to your needs, such as the size of your grill island, the nature of the land you will build it on, and what you want in term of features and fittings.

The best way to establish the likely costs for your outdoor grill island is to contact a local kitchen island design and construction company. They can advise you as to what your options are, what is popular in your area, and what the specific costs and timeframe will be for your unique choice and design.

Choosing how to add the right outdoor kitchen island to your home is the same as with any addition to your home – it requires planning, forethought and the input of experts in the field.

When it comes to choosing between Pre-Fabricated or Custom Made outdoor grill islands, be sure to consider the factors listed here, and spend time researching and talking with kitchen island design companies about which option is the best fit for your needs, your home and your lifestyle.

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