FUTURO 4 Pizze

The largest pizza oven from the Futuro line represents the perfect combination of minimal design and cutting-edge technology.

Its clean lines and stainless steel front arch are designed to integrate harmoniously into your outdoor kitchen and last over time.

Thanks to the large cooking chamber and semi-professional performance, you can try your hand at preparing countless dishes that can range from Neapolitan pizzas to roasts, from vegetables to desserts.

The Futuro 4 Pizze oven is available with gas fuel, but you can choose to double your culinary possibilities by transforming it into a hybrid oven thanks to the Hybrid Kit by Alfa

The Hybrid Kit by Alfa allows you to transform your gas oven into a wood-burning oven according to your cooking needs or the fuel you have available.

The vault made of stainless steel and the large refractory tiles top allow you to speed up the lighting and cooking times, offering you consistently impeccable results, even when you organize a party with many people.

30 minutes and the oven is ready to cook up to 4 pizzas, 90 seconds and you can savour them with your guests!