Kit Pizzaiolo

All the tools for making homemade pizza are included in the Alfa Kit Pizzaiolo that comes with accessories for baking pizza in a wood-burning oven as well as instruments for cooking any kind of food in any type of Alfa oven.

In our blog, we have analysed the functional characteristics of many pizza tools and accessories discovering why they are key to have high-quality cooking results in an easy and hassle-free way.

The Kit Pizzaiolo includes the Alfa pizza peel set that comprises 4 tools to master all stages of pizza cooking:

1. The Alfa pizza peel in perforated aluminium to get rid of the extra flour with the company logo embossed. Also sold individually.
2. The turner peel to rotate pizzas in the oven. Also sold individually.
3. The ember rake to move the fire around the wood-burning oven. Also sold individually.
4. The brass bristle brush to scrub clean the refractory floor of the oven. Also sold individually.